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Problems Solved:

  • People using expensive assisted support rather than helping themselves
  • Staff taking too long to resolve issues
  • Stale content lacking real-world insights fails to answer questions
  • Costs too much and takes too long to get staff up to speed
  • Support operations not evolving based on insights from your best agents
  • You demand more value from your significant investment in Salesforce

What We Do Especially Well:

You have many choices and FuzeAnswers may or may not be the best fit for your particular needs. Check out this section to get a quick sense for our sweet spot. We are only looking for long-term partnerships and will be the first ones to tell you if we don’t think we are a great match. Please contact us to learn more.

  • Optimize Salesforce Case Management: Our unmatched integration within Salesforce case management gets your staff to great answers, fast. Answers your staff perpetually create and evolve to earn reputations in specific topics as highlighted in
    built-in leaderboards
    displayed inside the Salesforce case object. Get all your agents to perform like your very best agents.
  • Answers People Can Count On: FuzeAnswers gives you granular and sophisticated change controls to ensure publishing workflow prescribed by the content, its users and the inherent risk associated with how the content is used. Sometimes answers just can’t be wrong, incomplete or not quickly and completely understood for even a minute! FuzeAnswers is all about one thing: quickly getting people to insightful, complete and well-written answers that live and grow within your business ecosystem. Stop making your customers and staff muddle through multiple online community threads to develop that complete answer required to finish a given task.
  • Leverage Real-world Insights Using Business Gamification: Our patented reputation engine baked into FuzeAnswers measures and motivates desired contributions from your staff and other desired stakeholders. How much of your content needs to actively evolve using real-world insights to remain valuable? FuzeAnswers has the metrics and capabilities to really support Knowledge Centered Support (KCS). When systems lack the necessary metrics to allow people to be recognized and rewarded for their contributions, they have little motivation to share their hard-earned knowledge and know-how. Would you?
  • Seamless Integration Increases Deflection: Free up support staff to work on higher value support by getting customers to help themselves using our fast, seamless and affordable integration with any Web page or application.
  • Tame Big Data: You can quickly navigate large, complex and disparate content inside and outside of FuzeAnswers to answer questions, segmenting tens of thousands of pieces of content into manageable subsets. Under close scrutiny, many alternatives can only realistically handle a few hundred pieces of pretty simple content. Check out how we helped Dell/SonicWall tame their huge repository of content supporting their many products.
  • Constantly Evolving Smart Search: Tired of a “black box” style search engine that leaves you unhappy with search results with little recourse? FuzeDigital’s self-learning search engine works great with no manual intervention, but also gives you precise manual controls sometimes needed to ensure the content you want is on the top of search results.
  • A Community Focused on Great Answers: Beyond our community KB, we have an online community component called Community Answers (CA) that is tightly integrated with our KB and is all about one thing: Getting people to the best answers fast from the right people. Start by having your support staff use CA inside Salesforce to get answers from other support staff when not found in the KB, and extend it to include other staff and external stakeholders as appropriate.
  • Granular Control over What Users Can See: You have more detailed options over who can see what content even within a KB article, which goes far beyond the common delivery of only allowing segmentation for people internal and external to your business. Our granular view access rights and change controls allow you to eliminate deadly content siloing by providing a single system capable of selectively supporting everyone.
  • Localization and Content Propagation: In addition to supporting many languages, our content propagation component dramatically eases your management burden of keeping all your knowledge bases in sync as new content is created and existing content is modified in your base language.
  • Robust Yet Easy: Robust yet easy and affordable to get started, use and administer.
  • Available When You Need It: You want a system you can depend on, and FuzeAnswers has a record of unsurpassed scheduled and unscheduled SaaS availability. We have demonstrated that we have what it takes to support mission critical operations.
  • Personal Touch: Attentive, flexible and personalized support provided
  • The Power of Choice: You can run FuzeAnswers hosted on our servers, your servers or on services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and still be totally plugged into any cloud services.
  • Unparalleled Value: You get a great solution at a great price that you can count on to affordably scale with actual usage and value creation. No complex pricing that makes it hard to determine how much it is going to cost you today and in the future.